Tree Service Reviews & Testimonials

“I’ve been a client for 15+ years. They’re total professionals. They don’t just want to come cut down every tree; they really know what they’re doing, are pleasant to be around and are very neat and tidy.”

Martha Lapham – Homeowner in Shoreham, VT

“Limbwalker provides an advantage over big companies for custom jobs where a bucket truck can’t just drive up to a tree. Limbwalker was small enough and flexible enough for my job.”

Christian Marks - The Nature Conservancy

“Limbwalker has taken care of trimming trees, totally cutting and removing trees, and heavy-duty weed whacking of brush. Mike is a part of a larger team I have that helps me plan for the care of my 50 acres dedicated to bird and wildlife.

Mike’s workers have all been quite wonderful. I don’t have anyone work for me that I wouldn’t be happy to have over for dinner!”

Gale Hurd - Audubon Society

“A few of our goals were safety, affordability, consistency, concern for the environment (land and water)
and cleanness of workspace.

Limbwalker continues to meet or exceeded our expectations year in and year out. Mike and his crew are professional and flexible and easy for me to retain season to season.”

Lee Randlett - Camp Keewaydin on Lake Dunmore in Salisbury Vt

Limbwalker Tree Service